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Education needs to be viewed in a different light in Illinois, especially in Chicago. It seems the students' results we are seeking are not being achieved, and we are quick to blame anyone and everyone. Through seeing the incredible efforts by faculty and staff and incredible results in both public and private schools, I have an understanding of how eager individuals, schools and communities are improving education.

When considering how to evolve and change our education system, there is no ONE answer and there is no ONE person or group to blame. It is time to stop blaming people and ideas that aren't working and time to start gathering, harnessing and installing ideas that will better the education a child receives. Since children learn differently, there needs to be resources, programs and schools that challenge each student to reach their highest potential. 


It’s time to help create an environment for employment opportunities.I want to help create avenues where a wide range of companies,  large and small, will seek out Illinois and the 5th district as a place to do business. Not only helping businesses feel welcome, but providing incentives where companies will employ the residents of our community. It’s time to create an environment where businesses want to participate in our communities and help put Illinois residents back to work. 

Responsible Politics

Career politicians have had their opportunity to represent Illinois, and it is time for change. As an educator I have a passion for gaining knowledge and creating an opinion. When legislation is prepared for a vote, I will support what is right for Illinois and the 5th District.  Illinois has been stuck in a gridlock because negotiations have stopped and representatives are playing politics. I want to discuss, debate, learn and cooperate so that Illinois can be a place where citizens are proud to call home.

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